Take a look at your kicks, are they looking a little beat? Have they seen better days? If so, worry not, because Dizzzykicks has got you covered with sneaker cleaning and restoration services!

Our expert sneaker care professional knows exactly how to clean and restore even the most beat pairs. Whether it's annoying scuffs and stains, or signs of yellowing and aging, your favorite pairs can be brought back to life.

Trust us to keep your collection looking like new/deadstock, because we take as much pride in providing the best care for your kicks as you do owning and rocking them.


Most commonly requested services include:

  • Deep cleaning/detailing: Full detailed cleaning interior and exterior of the shoe. Different methods are used to clean different materials to ensure their safe preservation and restoration.
  • Deoxidation: A fancy way of saying unyellowing. You know how certain parts of the shoe gradually turn yellow with age? This process reverses that.
  • Midsole repaints: Painted midsoles (think like Jordan 3s or 4s) inevitably crack overtime due to age and wear. Not to worry though, I can fix that (Holes reference anyone?)
  • Reglues: Glue used to hold a shoe together will dry over time and lose adhesion, When that happens, it's time for a reglue.

Info/Frequently Asked

Packages + Pricing:

There are 3 primary packages:

  • The deep clean + detailing package : $75
  • The deep clean and deoxidation bundle : $110.
  • The restoration bundle : $160+ (pricing varies based on the extent of work needed).

You can also request a personalized quote.

Turn around time?

  • Deep clean + detailing: 1-2 weeks
  • Deoxidation bundle: 2 weeks (varies based on severity of yellowing)
  • Restorations: 2-3 weeks (varies based on severity of condition)

Why Choose Dizzzykicks?

I mean, why settle for anything less than the best? Our sneaker care professional has over 10 years of experience in restoring kicks to their former glory. We only use the highest quality tools and techniques to ensure your sneakers look and feel like new - because nothing less will do.

Booking is a breeze with our online system, and our exceptional customer service guarantees your satisfaction. At Dizzzykicks, we're not satisfied until you are. So why not choose the best for your treasured sneaker collection?

Don't sleep and let your favorite kicks lose their luster - bring them back to life with Dizzzykicks' premium sneaker restoration and cleaning services. Using refined expert techniques and high-quality tools, we'll have your sneakers looking and feeling like they did when you first copped them. Don't wait any longer, book now and give your shoes the TLC they deserve!

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